Gear up and get out!

It can be so easy to live our lives in the bubbles that we have created for ourselves. When we were little, we decided we wanted to be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, or accountants... No we didn't. We wanted to be pilots, cowboys, firefighters, and astronauts! 

Adventure is a part of  WHO WE ARE. As uncomfortable as change can make us – now that we "know who we are and what we want" – we need it. We need to explore new places, feel new feelings, discover new things, hear new sounds, and meet new people. If we refuse to face change and experience new things, we may miss out on some of life's greatest moments, or fail to meet some of our greatest friends.

My goal as a photographer and "adventure blogger" is to inspire others to find adventure.

Join me on MY JOURNEY, and feel free to reach out. I'd love to connect! Ask me questions. Tell me what you want to know. Show me where I need to go. Let's be friends. 

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Favorite Piece of Gear Right Now.

Cotopaxi Pacaya Jacket | Super lightweight, breathable, and warm.